IDOLpro UHF-520 Dual Professional Wireless Microphone with Automatic Transmitter Setup Discontinued

IDOLpro UHF-520 Dual Professional Wireless Microphone with Automatic Transmitter Setup   <font color=" orange">Discontinued</font>

UHF-520 wireless system is designed for home user, musician to professional performers who need quickly and simple setup with excellent performance and sound. With our new innovation, UHF-520 carries many great functions such as automatic frequency scanning and automatic transmitter setup to provide our customer the best experience and worry free.

The whole system specification:

System Feature:

  1. Power: Press On Or Off
  2. Volume Controller Adjust the status of volume for each channel
  3. Button (Respectively is: The frequency adjustment button, search/ frequency of key. SQ Regulating Key)
  4. IR Port Transfer the data between Receiver and Transmitter
  5. Public regulation of buttons (Respectively is: the interface lock key, the public channel adjustment button)
  6. Antenna
  7. 1/4 Mixed Audio Output Channel A or Channel B 6.35mm Jack Connector Unbalanced Audio Output
  8. Balanced Audio Output Channel A or Channel B XLR connector balanced audio output
  9. Power Supply Removable adapter with DC 12-14V 1500mA
  10. RF Status Display
  11. AF Status Display
  12. Channel Display
  13. Frequency Display (MHz Units)
  14. SQ Setting Status Display
  15. Transmitter Battery Status
  16. Antenna Status
  17. Public Channel Status Display
  18. Screen Lock

    Handheld LCD Display
  19. low Transmission Power Status (5mW)
  20. High Transmission Power Status (10mw)
  21. Frequency Display (MHz units)
  22. Battery Status Display
  23. LCD Display Display Frequency Battery Status
  24. IR Port
  25. Battery Tray
  26. Transmission Power level and frequency setting LCD panel instructions
  27. Currently Using Power
  28. Currently Using Frequency
  29. Battery Status Display
  30. Antenna
  31. LED indicator LED indicator display work on or off, low voltage

    Channel:2x100 channels
    Frequency range : 600-690 Mhz
    Band width: <200KHz
    Frequency response: 60Hz -15KHz
    Dynamic range: >100dB
    T.H.D <0.5%
    S/N ratio: >90 dB
    Valid distance: >50 m
    Rack-Mountable (brackets included)

    Transmission power: 10 mW/ 5mW
    Oscillation mode: PLL
    Image control: >50 dB
    Adjust frequency deviation: <75 KHz
    Channel switch mode: coding switch
    Power: DC 2.4 -4.8 V

    Sensitivity: 2. 0uV
    Oscillation mode: PLL
    S/N ration: >90 dB
    Distortion: <0.5%
    Output: 2x balance and 1x6.35 mm mixed
    Power AC 100-240 V
    DC 12-14 V

    Package Includes:
    UHF-520 receiver Wireless microphone x 2
    Power adapter
    Audio Cable
    User guide
    2 Antennas
    AA Battery x 4

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