IDOLPRO UHF-528 Professional KTV Wireless Microphone Discontinued

IDOLPRO UHF-528 Professional KTV Wireless  Microphone<font color=" orange"> Discontinued</font>

IDOLPRO UHF-528 is new generation wireless microphone that uses the latest UHF wireless technology. It is the most advanced and customizable wireless microphone system we have to offer. Its design heavy duty UHF dual channel microphone and built in LCD panels, Wireless infrared Auto sync system 30 unique channels for each microphone and ultra long battery life.All UHF-528 components with feather touch buttons and LCD screen to achieve fast and simple set.



  • The Power Switch, Touch a Seconds Can Be Open Or Closed
  • "ASC" infrared frequency key light, Press this key, the screen IR flashing, flashing duration of 10 seconds in the microphone infrared frequency window at the IR window of frequency
  • Set up all the function show on the LED Screen
  • System menu "UP" key
  • System menu "DOWN" key LED display
  • Infrared frequency "IR" window, for both channel in common use.
  • LED display
  • Audio Electronic balance adjustment "UP" and "DOWN" keys
  • Digital tube display
  • Fast Channel Setting up and down keys.
  • Antenna jack A
  • Antenna jack B
  • DC Power adapter socket
  • Channel 1: 1/4 inch mix output socket
  • Audio output level ( reference +/- 30 Khz, 1 KHz) 1/4 inch adaptor (switch in 3000 ohm): -18dBv
  • -18dBv Output impedance 1/4 inch adaptor : 1k ohm
  • Demodulator output SNR 30db <-93dBm
  • Image Rejection >60dBm
  • Size: 1.73inches x 16.2 inches x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Power request: 12-18 V DC, switching power supply 500


  • Size:( including a microphone head): 9.9 inches x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs (without battery)
  • Power requested: Two 1.5V AA battery
  • Battery Life: > 8 hours ( alkalescence)
  • Frequency response 60-16000 Hz
  • Peak deviation +/-55Khz
  • Signal to noise ratio: 102 dB (A)
  • THD < 1%
  • Frequency range 600-690 MHz
  • Output Power 10 mW
  • Squious Rejection >55dBc

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