IDOLpro UHF-538 Professional Quad Wireless Karaoke Microphone








  • Quad channel Diversity
  • Uni-Directional condenser element.
  • Superb Isolation and Unsurpassed
  • Tone control quelch
  • Steel durable grille tip
  • Noise Absorption
Overall System Performance:
Carrier Frequency Ranges UHF, 470-870 MHz
Audio Frequency Response 60 to 21,000Hz -3dB
Audio Output Level 1/4inch connector (into 3kload) -8.8dBv(Hi Z) & XLR Connector
RF Sensitivity -107 dBm, Typical
System Distortion 0.4% (ref, +15KHz deviation, 1KHz modulation)
Power Requirements Two 1.5v alkaline batteries
Current Drain Up to 100m (approximately 300ft depends on site & conditions)

Transmitted: 110mA (140mA Max) Receiver: 230mA (300mA Max)

Operating Temperature Range Up to 100m (approximately 300ft depends on site & conditions)

Warranty Information:

  • 1 year warranty
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