IDOLpro is an USA professional karaoke manufacturer and wholesale distributor. We are specialized in mixers, mixing amplifiers, wired/wireless microphones, speakers, and so on. We are dedicated to provide high quality karaoke equipment at affordable prices and we stand behind all our products; therefore, all IDOLpro products from the most expensive mixing amplifiers to the smallest accessories are carefully tested before they hit the production line.

The latest tech advanced IDOLpro microphone systems with their crystal-clear sound and auto shut down are world renowned for excellent vocal reproduction and in constant demand for stages, conventions, instructional seminars and other professional venues as well as for karaoke use.

Every year, we will be introducing many exciting new products to our already extensive line. The most advanced All-In-One karaoke system is currently introduced as well as new mixers, mixing amplifiers, wired microphones and wireless microphones so please keep visiting our website for the latest developments.

IDOLpro IPS-580 800W Professional High Fidelity Vocal Karaoke Speakers <font color=" orange"><b>NEW </b></font>IDOLmain IP-2900 Professional Digital Key Control/Echo w/ Recording Function/ Bluetooth / HDMI/ Vocal Enhancer Karaoke Mixer<font color=" ORANGE"><b>NEW</b></font>
IDOlpro IPS-DJ01 Wireless Compact Portable Powerful PA Karaoke System With Bluetooth, Wireless Microphone, Rechargeable Battery, USB & SD Readers, FM Radio, 3.5mm AUX Input and Multi Flashing LED Light <font color=" orange"><b>NEW</b></font>IDOLpro IPS-DJ02 Portable Wireless PA High-Power Karaoke Entertainment System W/ Bluetooth, Rechargeable Battery, Dual Loud Active-Powered Speakers & 12" Woofers, Wireless Microphone, Multi Front LED Lights <font color=" orange"><b>NEW</b></font>
IDOLpro IPS-16 1000W 12" Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke Speakers <font color=" orange"><b>NEW </b></font>IDOLpro IPS-13G 1000W 12" 3 Way Black High Gloss Piano Finished Professional Karaoke Speakers<font color=" orange"><b> NEW </b></font>
IDOLmain UHF-628 Auto Sound Cut Off When Dropping Dual Wireless Microphone System<sup>  <font color=" orange">NEW </font></sup>IDOLmain IP-6000 II Bluetooth/HDMI/Recording/LCD Screen/10 Band Equalizer  8000W Professional Console Mixing Amplifier  <font color=" orange">NEW </font>
IDOLmain IP-7000 8000W Max Output Professional Digital Console Mixing Amplifier With 7" LCD Monitor Built-In<sup>  <font color=" orange">NEW </font></sup>IDOLpro IPS-630 1000W Powerful With Superior Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers <font color=" orange"> NEW </font>