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Over the years IDOLpro has been the leading international manufacturer of quality professional karaoke equipment, providing night clubs, bars, service organizations, schools, churches, hotels, home entertainment systems suppliers and karaoke enthusiasts the world over with the highest standard of excellence and durability with a diversified and constantly evolving product line.

IDOLpro is a company that is dedicated to providing superbly engineered equipment at an affordable price. AllIDOLpro products ?from the most expensive mixing amplifiers to the smallest accessories are rigorously user tested before they hit the production line.

The world famous IDOLpro microphone systems with their crystal-clear sound are world renowned for excellent vocal reproduction and are in constant demand for stage and awards shows, conventions, instructional seminars and other professional venues as well as for karaoke use. The IDOLpro mixing amplifiers and sound systems are known for their durability and ease of use as well as for their superior quality of sound reproduction. The all new line of IDOLpro DVD and Karaoke Players represent the cutting edge in the latest electronics technology.

This year we will be introducing many exciting new products to our already extensive line. The most advanced All-In-One Karaoke System is currently in development as well as new mixers and mixing amplifiers, wired microphones and wireless microphone systems, new PA Sound Systems and players for the latest technological advancements on the DVD market, so please keep visiting our website for the latest developments.

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<B><font size="2.5" color="orange">IDOLmain</b></font> UHF-628 Auto Sound Cut Off When Dropping Dual Wireless Microphone System<sup>  <font color=" orange">NEW - PREMIUM QUALITY SERIES </font></sup>IDOLpro UHF-300 SILVER Limited Edition Professional Performance Dual Wireless Microphone System<font color=" ORANGE"> NEW </font>
IDOLpro IPS-630 1000W Powerful With Superior Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers <font color=" orange"> NEW </font>IDOLpro IPS-2000 1500W High-Output Sharp & Powerful Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers  <font color=" orange"> NEW </font>
 IDOLpro SUB-5 500W 12" Active Powered Subwoofer <font color="orange">NEW</font>IDOLpro IPS-DELUXE I 1500W Professional Floor-Standing Speakers <font color=" orange"> NEW </font>